Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wood All Around (Part I)

Earlier this week I received a call from one of my regulars and he asked if I would meet him in a particular park in Lawrenceville, Georgia.  I was intrigued because I often get tops that claim they would like to do it in a public or park venue but rarely do they ever follow through on their fantasy.  I immediately jumped at the opportunity, mainly because I was going to be used; reason enough, but also because he was wanting to be a little edgy.  This regular was a real man's man.  He was into leather, bondage, and enjoyed seeing his toys in a bit of pain.

We haven't yet talked about pain and a true bottom, but we have covered the 11 commandments of a true bottom and the understanding that a top is in charge.  It then becomes a given that the true bottom will submit to the desires of the top even if those desires include discomfort, pain, or torture.  A true bottom submits when it gives his body over to the top.  It is therefore very important for the true bottom to understand to whom he is giving control.  The only time "no" is in the true bottom's vocabulary is before it agrees to be used by the top.  It is it's responsibility to know what it is getting into.  A true bottom always runs the risk of being abused and it gives itself over to that possibility each and every time it agrees to be used.  With pain comes pleasure. Most people do not realize it, but the endorphins released in pain attenuate pleasure and make it more intense and pleasurable.

I agreed to meet the top in a particular area of this public park and after agreeing so he requested that I be completely nude, clothes in a plastic bag, and wearing my leather chest harness, wrist and ankle restraints, and spandex cocksucker's hood.  My steel covered cock went immediately erect. It was the middle of the week, how bad can it be I asked myself.  "What time should I be there?" I asked. "I will arrive and expect you to be ready at 5:30pm.", he said.  Shit! 5:30pm is when everyone is getting off work and the park is full of people walking and running.  I know the area he wanted me to meet him was rather secluded but there was no guarantee whatsoever that a visitor wasn't going to stumble into me there and with my hood on, I wouldn't be able to see anything except shadows of movement in the daylight.  But I had already agreed, and as I hung up the phone I noticed that my cock was still rigid and straining against its prison of stainless steel. I knew this was going to be interesting, but I had no idea how this was going to unfold and whether or not I was going to have to call my Master to get me out of jail later that evening.

At 4:45pm I threw on a pair of short shorts and a t-shirt, grabbed my backpack containing my leather apparel and hood, and it was off to the park.  During the fifteen minute drive to the park I was unsure of what to expect.  Hopefully today was not a good day for people to be there and I could lower my apprehensions.  I arrive shortly after 5:00pm and the parking lot nearest the activities building is completely full. There must have been 75 vehicles there.  I proceeded to the lower lots that faced the baseball and soccer fields and they were better but not empty.  A number of people were playing what looked to be a pickup game of softball. As I exited the vehicle with my backpack, short shorts and t-shirt, a few glancing stares as I began to stroll down the running/walking path into the woods next to the lake.  I passed several people as the path looped around the west end of the lake and with each passing pedestrian I felt like all eyes were on me.  I looked like a sissy faggot.  Here I was on this paved trail with a backpack and in 3-1/2" shorts.  Really? I thought, could I have not made a better choice of clothes that would have not drawn everyone's attention to me.  For a bit I was feeling very self conscious even though I know I look hot in those shorts.

I head off the paved trail onto a thin winding and much less traveled trail into the woods just beyond the lake and by 5:20pm I am arriving at the area I was told to be.  A root exposed fallen oak, about 4 meters in diameter  lay across the trail - a victim of storms and the place I was precisely to lay my bag of clothes once I was ready.  The temperature was moderate and as I stripped off my clothes I felt the sun warm my skin and bathe me in its light.  Packing my clothes into my backpack I dawned the leather harness, wrist and ankle restraints, and pulled the tight cocksucker's hood over my head.  On my knees by 5:28pm I began to prepare myself mentally to meet the needs of the man I was to be servicing.  Two minutes passed and nothing.  A few more and still nobody has arrived.

So the question arises for the true bottom as to when it is to give up on a top and go on.  If people today were keepers of their word, even when running late, I would say that a bottom should wait indefinitely for the top.  I have spent hours waiting on people that never showed up.  It was disrespectful of them to do what they did, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt.  In many cases, I will refuse to service a top at any point in the future if their routine is to no show.  In this case, this was one of my regulars.  He was not known for being tardy and out of respect for him and his needs, I decided it would be best to wait.

I do not know how much time passed.  It felt like an hour but I'm sure it was more like thirty or so minutes when I heard what sounded like two people coming down the path.  My heart was racing.  They were talking to each other and I just knew this was not my regular and that I was about to be exposed.  As they approached the fallen oak, I know at this point that they can see me, and the talking stops.  I can make out only outlines without any details as two bodies approach in silence.  I decide it is best not to speak but rather to wait and see what these two had in mind.

As the first approaches me directly, I hear a belt buckle being undone and a zippered fly open.  Instinctively my mouth opens and I feel the soft member of this man as he inserts his semi hard cock into my mouth. Grabbing the back of my head, he forces his manhood into my throat with each stroke making his cock harder, thicker, and longer.  This was not my regular I thought.  While this cock was long and somewhat thick, my regular's cock was very thick and shorter.  I didn't know where the other person was, but I was enjoying being used to service this now completely hard cock that was being forced beyond my gag reflex into the far reaches of my throat.

Sucking and loving the experience I now felt the masculine hand of another on my back.  He reached behind me and bound my hands and ankles together immobilizing me in this kneeling position. Within moments I felt something else on my back along with the hand.  I couldn't say at the time what it was.  It was brushed against me and down my back until it reached my buttocks and was removed.  No words spoken, not a sound made, and with the next brush of whatever this was, the other man pulled it away and swung it in full motion against my upper buttocks with a crack as it hit my skin and warmed several places where it landed.  My regular was here. He had always told me that one day he wanted to flog me and now, in this most public of places, he began the ever so familiar rhythm of flogging.  I began sucking this new cock with vigor. When each crack of the flogger would land my caged cock would drip as I felt it leave my body.

The gentle hand that was once touching my back was now rubbing my throbbing hole with petroleum jelly which indicated that something was going to be introduced into my ass.  I began to grind against the hand while continuing to pay close attention to the cock in my throat.  Another brush, brush, brush, crack!  My backside was warmed and I knew it was red from the effects of the flogging.  The warmth melded with the slickness of the petroleum jelly between my buttocks as I moaned.  The clasp connecting my hands to my ankles was released but my ankles were still connected as were my wrists.  The flogging stopped as I felt something pushing on my sphincter trying to gain access to my ass and with little effort the lubrication allowed it inside me.  I felt as this nice fat cock entered my hole and as it swung across my prostate I felt a glob of seminal fluid leave the head of my cock.

For the next few minutes both men were using me and pumping their cocks in an obscure rhythm into my body.  A moment later, they stopped and removed their cocks from inside me.  With some shuffling around I felt the thick cock enter my lips and that mild taste of petroleum jelly indicated they had switched positions and the longer cock was now probing deep inside me.  I began to thrust against the cock in my ass begging him to fuck me even deeper as I continued to suck the cock in my mouth.  Within moments the cock in my mouth began to swell.  I knew what was happening. It was the indication that we were near orgasm. We felt as is tool of man began to pulse, with each volley dumping a salty load of seamen into my throat.  Grasping the back of my head, he pushed even further into my throat as the final volleys of his juice was released.

His cock remained in my mouth as the thrust into my ass continued with a new abandon. He allowed me the pleasure of sucking his manhood clean and draining every drop of juice.  With a pat on the head I released his cock and he grabbed my head and pulled my mouth down onto his sweat covered testicles.  I licked and sucked them cleaning it as a dog would clean his own.  With both of his low hanging balls in my mouth I felt as the man behind me released his initial volleys into my ass.  Hungry for his sperm, my sphincter released allowing him to plunge deeper into the recesses of my body.  When he finished unloading his jism he held his cock buried deep in my hole for the period it took for it to grow limp.  In a natural motion my ass ejected his cock holding back his seamen inside to be part of me in the afterglow of service.  Unhooking the clasps that bound my wrists and ankles they began to dress.

With the same silence and determination as they arrived, they were gone.  Like a used cum rag I was left behind to decompress from the experience.  Never a word was spoken during the entire event and since my hood was never removed, I can only assume my "regular" was one of the two that used me that day.  As I removed my hood and went to reach for my backpack, it was gone!  My clothes, my keys, and my wallet were all in that backpack!  It was nearing 6:45pm as I wondered what I would need to do to get home.

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