Friday, May 16, 2014

The 11 Commandments of a True Bottom

First my disclaimer. While I solemnly hold these commandments to be the expected role of a true and total bottom - I was not the one who coined them.  I am reposting these written by Chris Reynolds from his Daddy Knows Best blog.  I want to personally thank Chris for his contribution to the community and to the true definition of a total bottom.

Many people think they are a bottom but other than myself, I am unsure that I have really ever met a true total bottom that lives and breathes the aspirations of the following 11 commandments. It is difficult to follow these all the time and yet without them we are relegated to the mediocrity of the service providers of today.

Bottoming and being a total bottom are different.  Anyone can bottom for another.  The acceptance of another man's cock into your hole is very pleasurable as it rubs against the prostate gland (our male g-spot).

But to be a total bottom requires complete objectification.  I've been preaching this mantra throughout my blog and it comes up again.  A true bottom is in service.  A true bottom's pleasure is in seeing the pleasure the top he services receives. It's not about its prostate gland. It's about being objectified and used by someone else mainly with the sole compensation to that being the receiving of that man's precious seed.

The 11 Commandments of a True Bottom

  1. Always Be Prepared. It is my responsibility to know and what the top wants, be clean, be ready, and be available.
  2. Provide All Required Supplies. The top is not responsible for providing lube or poppers. A true bottom again anticipates and the top is there for his pleasure.
  3. Demand No Help To Open Up, Provide Any Assistance To Get The Top Hard. Being ready means that we are ready to take the girth and depth of the top's manhood and it should never be the responsibility of the top to manually get his cock hard. Our role is to be the mechanism and his is to derive the most pleasure possible.
  4. Cum Where, When, and How The Top Demands It. Honestly I do not believe that a true bottom should ever cum. In order to be ready to provide the very best service a true bottom will be pent up, horny, and willing at all times.  However, if you are not that strong a believer in being prepared at all times for a top to use you, the very least is to let the top tell you when, where, and how, or not at all.
  5. Vocalize Pleasure, Not Pain, and Be Silent When Told. Many times tops want you to be completely quiet.  They are focusing on their needs and your verbal tones may interrupt their focus. But if they want you to be vocal, they don't want to hear you whine in pain. Show them the respect of vocalizing the pleasure if they want that.
  6. The Top Controls The Pace and Roughness. We total bottoms are not engaged in servicing tops for our pleasure. The top dictates how he wants to fuck us and if we feel we must respond it is with a respectful "Yes Sir."
  7. Do Not Touch Yourself. Again, a true bottom knows this is not about him and touching himself is an attempt to derive a tactile personal pleasure and removes the bottom's focus from serving the top. 
  8. Do As The Top Commands. A true bottom is a servant, an object for the use of the top in any way he sees fit.  A true bottom will submit and do as he is commanded without reservation or hesitation in the service of his top.
  9. Anticipate The Top's Needs.  Being a true servicing bottom you learn to read the signals your top gives you. Anticipate his needs and help him achieve the goals he desires. As a tool of his pleasure a true bottom will be vigilant to his top.
  10. If You Say You Want It, Expect It. Tops are not obligated to give a true bottom anything "it" wants. However, if the bottom begs the top to do something - the bottom should be mindful that if given it will be in a manner consistent with the way the top decides to deliver it and the bottom should be expecting it in full force and be thankful.
  11. It Is All About The Top. If I were to have written these commandments, I probably would have boiled it down to this one alone.  As a true bottom I do not enter into the service of a top with any expectation other than to be used and objectified for that top's pleasure.  For that period, where I have agreed to service him, he is my Master and his will is to be done.
In all I sincerely believe that a true bottom is a complete slave to that top after it has agreed to service them. I know of many tops that want the bottom to derive their own pleasure and they cannot achieve orgasm without that.  I know of other tops that don't care what the bottom wants or needs.  In either case, a true bottom will meet the needs of his top.  He will stand out among bottoms because he is in tune with his role as the submissive.  He doesn't "top from the bottom position" but rather he prepares himself to be the object of another's lust and desires and he delivers on that promise when engaged to do so.

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