Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wood All Around (Part II)

Being fucked by real men in nature is hot, but realizing what had just transpired sent a wave of fear through my body. None of my possessions; clothes, car keys, wallet, or cell phone were anywhere to be found. Everything was in that backpack and I was completely naked in a public park about 13 miles from my home.  I was trapped.  A captive in the wood, I decided the logical thing was to head toward my car, hoping that I would not be spotted and that my captives would have simply put my backpack on the trail ahead just for a slight fright. Looking around the path heading back to the open jogging path I was looking for anything that would help.  Conspicuously placed, was a note tacked to a tree with a big smiley face written on it.  I pulled it down and read the writing of those who had most recently turned my life upside down.

"Hello slut.", it started, "we really enjoyed using you and we want to do it again after dinner. So, to make sure we had your attention we decided that the best thing to do was to keep you in a place where we would be able to find you later this evening. The park closes at 10 and we will arrive about 15 minutes before that and expect to find your pussy hole up in the air in the first stall of the ladies room at the building on the East side of the lake inside the area containing the baseball fields. If you are not there at 10, ass up and ready, we will not return until tomorrow night.

Here it was only 6:45p and I was butt naked in a public park in the heart of a busy little town. I had to trudge my way out of the woods, past the pool, tennis courts and across a road to get to the baseball fields that were barely surrounded by any woods at all. I then would have to make my way from the safety of the wood to a building surrounded by four open baseball fields and pray that once I reached the building in the center there would be no one there and they would still be unlocked. It sounded like a total impossibility. I surely was going to be jailed for running around a public park naked.

Time passed ever so slowly. With nothing to occupy my time, I was relegated to sitting, watching, and waiting for the sun to descend on the horizon. The darker it would become, the more likely I would make it through this. At times my cock strained against its prison with joy over my current situation. Much of the time I spent wishing I was able to play with it, at least then I could pass time doing something. What a slut, this went beyond the pale and I realized that I was a complete sex addict. The thought crossed my mind a number of times that I was hoping that my captures had not left the park, but were watching my actions and filming my plight, but as the hours droned on, I realized that they would have become just as bored as I had that been the case.

At about 9:15p I began my slow migration toward my destination. I was not worried about being on time, I was mostly worried that they would forget about me and think it was funny just to not return. I approached the edge of the wooded path to where people jogging and walking would normally have passed, it was quiet. I walked a little further and began to see the outline of the pool area and noticed there were a couple of people inside the fenced area picking up after the day. Since I would have to cross just outside of the fence area, or walk a great deal to get out of their view, I decided to wait and see if they would be done soon. It was soon 9:30p and they were still cleaning up. For a brief moment I thought I could run through the area and not be noticed - foolish I thought, they will go home soon. At 9:50p they disappeared into the pool house - it was time to make a break for it. Typical of the streakers of the 1970s I took off across the parking lot and darted behind the tennis club house out of breath. I made my way beyond the empty tennis courts and approached the baseball fields. Not a soul was in site. I went up to the building and entered the ladies rest room. Replacing my only possession - my cock sucker's hood, I bent over inside the first stall, door open, ass ready and contemplated my fate.

At 10:00p sharp, I hear someone enter the bathroom and I feel the tap of a hand on my raised buttocks. "Outside slut", he said. As complete darkness had fallen hours earlier, my cock sucker's hood would not let me see anything. As I stepped out of the stall - the man guided me out of the building and to a wooden bench where sat me down straddling the bench and raised my legs into the air. With the sound of him spitting I felt the warm shaft of his manhood enter my hole. As he went deeper the residual of the earlier fuck session helped to lubricate his cock and he began to fuck me with abandon. About five minutes went by and I heard him begin to moan as he released his seed inside me. He took his still hard cock out of my hole and inserted it into my waiting mouth with the simple command, "Clean your ass off of my cock slut", and I did.

I was expecting more, but I could tell he was done. I felt the ring of my car keys as they landed on my belly and the man walked away. I reached down and clutched the keys with dear life and began removing my hood. Looking into the parking lot, I saw the man get into the passenger's side of a four door sedan as the headlights illuminated where I was sitting. As they pulled away, I began the walk to my car as I felt his seed lubricating my cheeks as I walked.

I arrived at my car and found that the man had put my backpack with cellphone, wallet, and clothes in the front passenger's seat. I did not bother getting dressed. Exhausted from waiting all night I drove home.

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