Saturday, May 10, 2014


Hello followers! Welcome to my life blog. My name is Justin Richards and I am a gay, male slut.  I would like to start out by clearing that up namely because it is true.  I love sex with men, and I have had so many men that it would be nearly impossible to estimate how many.  I've had skinny, fat, young, old, black, latino, asian, white, and God only knows what other races are mixed in there.

I consider myself married to a great man. He is my life partner, my dominant sexually. I am very happily married. We have a great life, wonderful sex, enjoy travel and numerous other life events and I seek nothing else besides my partner for love.

But my sexual sluttiness is about sex and the enjoyment of men's bodies and genitalia. About providing pleasure, deriving pleasure and pain, to reach a euphoric plateau of pleasure. My partner is my lover, the one I share all of life with, and my key holder.

Oh, did I forget to say, I am a gay, chaste, male slut?  Well it's true. The penis attached to my body is used for pissing only.  My sexual satisfaction and gratification comes exclusively from using my mouth and ass to please others.  If you are looking to suck my cock you'd better have one hell of a good dental plan as it is sheathed in a 1/4" stainless steel tube with a  00-gage lock through my prince albert piercing for good measure.  If you want to be fucked - well, after looking at it, nobody has ventured to that request yet.

So, why am I a slut? I'm very gratified by sex. Realizing that my orgasms are going to be denied, at least in the traditional methods, makes my desire for sex nearly insatiable. I want it now, I want it later, I want it period.  I want to be used for the pleasure of others.  I want to be objectified, used as a one would use any sex toy - with complete disregard to my own pleasure forsaking it for their own.

My favorite men - dominant black thugs.  I shiver whenever a dominant black thug walks into the room and demands my attention.  Whether in a public place or the bedroom, I am lured to the dark skin of their body - that beautiful silky dark black or chocolate brown surrounding the curves of their chest, abs, arms and buttocks.  The way they take up space.  The focus they have toward sex and the aura of command they exude. Whether they are gay or straight, they command my attention and they get it.  What's interesting is that I can tell the difference between a black top or versatile and bottom. They are as different as night and day.  While not so true in the other race camps, black alpha tops stake their claim clearly and deftly in a room. They don't fuck around and they are decisive.

I do like other men without care of their ethnicity. I believe all of us have some form of beauty in our culture and I have been taken by all types.  Men are my candy, and I like candy!

So welcome to the first installment of my blog.  My Introduction.  While I haven't given you a lot to go on yet, I think as we move through the adventures you may find something that interests you.  I welcome your email comments, questions, and even your requests to use me for your sexual pleasure. My email address is

Please enjoy.

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