Thursday, April 30, 2015

Whoring Around

Before Whore

This is my first post since moving from Atlanta, Georgia to Orlando, Florida. I have had a lot of men since the move, this I admit, but nothing really exciting to write about. Don't get me wrong, they are all exciting because I'm receiving cock, but not as exciting enough to post stories. However, I have found something exciting to try and the first part of this article I am writing before I do it, and the second half will be after. There is a bar in Orlando called Hanks. Hanks is a gay bar where the cigar smoking leather wearing, much older men hang out. Your every day alpha males, not those that pretend at it in the bedroom.

I have decided that I am going to dress as slutty (remember the cum fuck me short shorts) as I possibly can and I'm going to hang out in the parking lot of Hanks bar which is dark and secluded, and I'm going to whore myself out - car blow jobs, raw fucking against the cars or in the nearby wood, whatever it takes to get cock and maybe even get paid for it. I have always thought that a good slut would make a great whore. Sluts want to have sex whether or not money is involved. Whores that are not sluts only look for the money and they only care if the John got off if it means that they can get another "date" later out of the deal. A slut whore like me for the most part is doing it because I want to please the John and it is just icing on the cake if the John is willing to part with some cash. It also makes me feel really slutty having accepted money for the sexual act.

I will not refuse any man that wants to use me. I will not refuse how they want to use me. I will not fear exposure, instead I will welcome it - being completely naked while a man or men fill me with their piss and cum and other men watching or catching us in the act is very exciting to me. I like for other men to see how well I can perform and usually when they see how well I respond to being used they want to get involved. This usually turns in to a nice little gang bang for the slut.

After Whore

I arrived in the back parking lot of Hank's bar around 11:30pm last Saturday night and the lot was nearly filled to capacity with cars. All types of men were going to and from the bar and some were socially gathering in the front of the lot. A couple of very hot black studs were in conversation standing around one of their cars. I didn't know if they were coming or going from the bar. I found what was the last spot almost all the way in the back of the lot and thought this very fortuitous for what I was hoping I was about to be doing. Like a good little slut I had cleaned my fuck hole and dressed in a manner appropriate for whoring my ass out.

As men would come and leave the bar's dark lot I was there rubbing on my package and licking my lips if they dared look at my face. I was amazed, nearly an hour went by without a single bite! WTF? As I was about to give up at now 12:45am an older white man stopped short of my car and rubbed on his crotch as to signal he wanted something. I licked on my lips and stared at the bulge in his pants as he began approached.

He stopped in front of me and without looking up I indicated that a blowjob would be $20 and a fuck would cost $40. With that he unbuttoned his Levis 501 jeans and began pushing on my shoulders indicating that I should drop right there and blow him. I did as instructed and before my knees touched the ground my mouth was penetrated by his cock barely out of the jeans at this point. With only a few strokes the John grabbed the hair on my head and began to face fuck me as his cock engorged with blood and became much harder and much thicker. He was barking instructions on how I should be sucking more and I shook my head in an affirmative motion as I sucked hard on each downstroke. He reached down behind me and patted my ass. Thinking he wanted to fuck I began to extricate his member from my mouth and he stopped me and shoved his cock back into the depths of my throat. "No boy", he said, "I just wanted to feel your cunt, you're going to finish what you started here".

I couldn't see if anyone had gathered and it would have been rude to my John to be concerned with that, yet. I continued to suck as I rubbed his balls in my hands. They were of decent size and I was wondering what the contents of them would taste like. It wouldn't be much longer that I would find out as I felt them begin to retract like landing gear on an aircraft. I didn't even get to taste the first rope of his cum as he shoved his cock as far back into my throat as he could go before it released. His second volley crossed over my tongue as he was on the retract swing of his stroke. He then did the unexpected and for a cum slut the ultimate shitty thing. He removed his cock altogether from my mouth and shot the remaining jism on my cheeks and nose as I looked wantonly up into his stare. "There whore, now you're ready for the night". He retracted his now semi limp cock into his jeans and buttoned them up and began walking away. He never paid the price I asked for the blowjob, and cum dripping from my chin, cheek, and nose, it felt inappropriate to stand up and chase him down. As I looked around I saw a few other men who were looking my way but to my surprise and chagrin none of them approached. Watching the man I blew get in his car and drive past me as he barely looked my direction in passing, still kneeling where I had been left. I reached up and began to wipe his cum from my face and place it on my tongue, tasting each droplet before going for the next. I rose to my feet and repositioned myself looking around to see if any of those recently staring would dare to come over to be serviced.

I waited what seemed to be another hour and nothing happened. Some men sat is their cars and stared. I'd walk by and they would turn their stare away. Pussies, all of them, I thought. I knew they wanted a slut to use but for whatever reason they didn't provide any indication. I ended the night with the thought and taste of Mr. Levis on my tongue. It was a semi-successful evening. I got some cock, swallowed some cum, could have been worse. Maybe next time we will do better.

If you are in the Orlando area and need a slut whore to pleasure you, feel free to reach out to me via email. As you will notice from this blog I do enjoy men and their cocks. justin.richards at

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Double Dicking the Slut

As an experienced slut I have attended parties where I've turned up my ass and opened my mouth to any man that wanted to drop his cock in it, and I have some dildos that are of consequential size to say the least.  I have these "tools" not for personal pleasure but to be ready for that man or men that want to be pleasured and don't want to deal with a whining bottom that can't take it.

One of the cum challenges on Cum Temple is that of being fucked by two men at the same time. They call it the double dick challenge.  Today, my two main thugs came over to the house and used my hole for their pleasure at the same time.  It was their desire that they reach orgasm at the same time while both of their cocks are buried in my ass.  The twenty-something was overly excited about this and I was concerned that he couldn't hold his orgasm for when the other is able to release in me.

I spent the morning as I usually do, cleaning and getting ready both mentally and physically for what was about to happen.  I was exceptionally horny this morning and I wished I had the key to my chastity device so I could take it off and pop a load off, but we were assured by the stainless steel encasing prison that this wasn't going to happen.

As a true cock worshiping cum slut I realized early on that it is completely my responsibility to be ready when a top wants to use one or both of my holes.  It all depends on what the top communicates he wants, but whatever it is, he will have it. In this case, they will have it.

Shortly after nine the twenty-something arrived and came into the house where he saw me completely naked kneeling on the floor, motioning him to come closer. With each step his clothes dropped off his body and by the time he arrived in front of me, he was completely naked and sporting a semi-hard cock which he graciously grabbed the back of my head and proceeded to drive his member into my open mouth and into my throat. It took only a stroke or two before he was rock hard and filling the length of my mouth and throat with his cock. He always enjoyed using me but today was the fulfillment of one of his fantasies - double teaming a slut. A few more thrusts and he took his cock out of my mouth, walked behind me and started rubbing my cunt with his hand and the head of his cock before he thrust it in balls deep as I responded with both pain and pleasure. His long hard cock was reaching deep into my ass and he was enjoying the ride.

The door swung open as the second of my thugs came in to see that we were well underway. After partially undressing he shoved his cock in my mouth and proceeded to command me to suck as he removed the remainder of his clothing. This is a rather large membered man and he needed a little time for his slut to suck him into a hard state. I find this extremely pleasurable. Men with larger cocks who stick it in my mouth while it is mostly flacid and expect the cock sucker to make it hard are a real turn on to me. I like knowing that my mouth and skill set for cock sucking is why they got hard. All the while my cunt is being fucked. I am positively where a slut is supposed to be - fully utilized as a tool for the pleasure of others and his own cock being completely ignored.

The thug in my mouth asks, "Is your hole clean boy?". Without removing his cock from my mouth I respond to the affirmative by nodding my head. Without hardly missing a beat, both men remove their cocks and swap positions. "Then lick your ass of of that cock while I test your hole." Without hesitation I took the 25 year old's cock into my mouth and began to suck and lick on it. Within seconds I felt the second thug insert his cock into my pussy and run it in all the way and hold it there for a second before starting a steady rhythm of fucking me. My cock was rigid in its prison as I began once again to get into the rhythm of each man as he penetrated me.

The bottom in a fuck plays a very important role where he must be able and willingly push against the thrusts of the top. Every top I have ever encountered has always made at least some small mention of how well I participate in the active bottoming role. For every thrust it is important to push back allowing the top's cock to penetrate deeper. Each thrust that terminates at the hilt with a bottom squeezing his sphincter providing added pleasure to the top's cock. It is extremely important to be that active bottom - not the limp faggot that the top could have fucked by just using a blow up doll.

Thrusting my way onto my thug's cock the younger removed his cock from my mouth and began to slide underneath me and position himself. The tube stainless prison of my cock dragged against his belly - yet not a word about it was spoken. Neither of these thugs ever gave a shit about my cock whether imprisoned or not. It was about their cocks and their needs. Repositioning my ass was vacant of cock as the two men began to find the proper configuration for double dicking their boy. With a few more shuffles I felt the corona of both cocks as they pressed diligently and deliberately against my hole. Timed properly, both men began to penetrate me. I felt the dull pain of my hole opening to accept both cocks and as much as I wanted to pull away - the thug behind me briskly slaps my right cheek and shoves his manhood deeper still into my pussy. At this point I begin to slide back and forth onto the two hard members and feeling the mild pain as the endorphins release and everything starts turning to pleasure. At the hilt of both men's cocks I try to squeeze in response and I feel the thug behind me picking up the rhythm as the younger thug below me starts to moan and claim that he is very close to dumping his load inside me.
I was amazed at myself. Not for taking two cocks simultaneously in my ass, but for thinking that there was a hole going to waste during this event. My mouth was empty and I was wishing for another cock to fill it. I continued to assist by pushing against each thrust and telling them to fill my cunt with their seed. The thug behind me grabbed my hips and thrust his cock deep as he released the first volley of his seed. The thug on the bottom was releasing in silence as I felt my hole become more and more lubricated. The thrusts from the thug behind me stopped after his second volley as he buried his cock as deep as he could make it go. With that, both men left their cocks inside me as each finished releasing its seed. We all lay there as both cocks began to grow soft inside my hole and gently fall out.

With very few words both men dressed while I lay on the carpet enjoying the time we had just had. After the boys left I grabbed my smart phone and snapped a shot of my used hole so full of man juice that a small amount was leaking from it. It was clear, both from the picture and the feeling that my cunt had been the object of two men's pleasure at the same time. My cum challenge and deep desires to be the object of pleasure were realized. I was complete.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Driving for Cock

I guess what I find disturbing about the city of Atlanta is how unbalanced things are when it comes to "tops" and "bottoms". It seems that bottoms out number tops by nearly six to one in this area. Maybe I'm exaggerating, but I really don't think so. I was on the Bareback Real Time Sex web site the other day cruising for a potential hookup. Always looking for new cock, I like this site because we don't have to discuss condoms, it is clear that nobody on here wants them except for the occasional water balloon. But I digress. Shortly after logging on I receive an email from another user asking "How many loads have you taken today?" At first I thought this to be such a bizarre pickup line, but then after musing about it for a moment realized that this is exactly the line I would expect from a top who was looking for an ass to breed.  Simply put, he had my complete attention as the dominant alpha male.

In our continued conversation the gentleman revealed the hidden pictures in his profile and for a white middle-aged male, he was sporting one heck of a hard piece of wood in those shots.  Intrigued I looked at his location and it showed some 192 miles away.  My hopes were dashed.  I wasn't about to drive for hours in a car for a fuck.  He quickly indicated an interest with one of my favorite pickup lines, "Get over here slut so I can use your ass." Now here is a man that knows what the role of a total bottom is. He needs release, and more importantly to him, fuck someone.

I fundamentally believe it is wrong for a true bottom to refuse cock. I understand that there are certain circumstances that you would think it wouldn't be worth it. People that are not cute enough or generally don't meet your standards in some way.  The gay community is full of; too old, too fat, too skinny, and dozens upon dozens of reasons why you're not good enough.  But again, to the true bottom, this isn't about them.  Now this is not to say they don't have a choice, but realistically, choosing should be very limited.  I limit my selections to three criteria; general hygiene, ability to perform, and distance.  The ability to perform was one that I have added in recent time. I am amazed today at how many men have some form of erectile disfunction and quite honestly if you're going to use my mouth or ass for your pleasure, I'm going to have to have the ability to get it hard.

I pointed out to the top on the other end of the chat that he indicated a distance of 192 miles.  I told him that I would be honored to be used by him, but the distance was too great; unless of course he was traveling and happened to be in Atlanta at that time.  He responded that he was not in Atlanta but that he was in a small town in North Georgia that was one hour up Interstate 85 from my location. He said that he would meet me at a truck stop near the interstate and he wanted me to go into the shower there and be his bitch.

I've never been used in a truck stop. My body instantly craved the need to be taking cock in such a public place. I needed it and so I agreed with the top that I was available to be used in this way and would honor him by driving the distance required to be bred. He quickly informed me that I needed to be at the truck stop by 2pm and no later. I looked at my watch and it was 10:30am. I agreed and proceeded to get ready for the event. How should I dress I thought? It immediately came to me that I should be dressed as a total fem slut. Short short pants, tight spandex shirt, flip flops and nothing else. I wanted to turn the heads of every trucker that may be there make sure they saw a total slut.

Driving up the interstate I was having some second thoughts about my clothing choice. I was horned up and wanting this guy to use me but I wasn't sure what other men might think and do. I had to put it behind me now or go home, I was too far along in order to be on time and my hole was aching to have someone plow it and dump their seed inside. Forty five minutes later I pulled into the parking lot of the truck stop and parked next to the building. It was full of people as it was not only a place to get gas, but it was a full restaurant and convenience store all together. I grabbed my towel bag and entered the store headed for the showers area. I could feel it now, nearly every head in the place; man and woman, turned to watch the man in the tight short shorts stroll through the store. I paid the $5.00 to the attendant to use the showers and I entered the back hall with some relief that the eyes and snickers were left in the main store.

As I opened the door to the locker room I saw in the far corner, undressing was the top that had requested this slut for his pleasure. There were two other men in the room in various stages of dress and each looked me over top to bottom. Being too afraid to look into their eyes I remained focused on the man ahead. As I approached he silently instructed me to undress and head for a shower - he would find me there. As I removed my shorts and shirt and turned to head for the shower sporting a large wood, one of the other two men gave me a stare and ran his hand down to his crotch. I grinned and turned into the showers.

As I turned the water on I saw the door being to open to my stall and the top I came to serve entered the shower. Without a word he grabbed the hair on the back of my head, dropping me to my knees in front of his soft penis. "Open your mouth cocksucker", he said. Without hesitation my mouth opened and he moved his cock within inches of my mouth. I slowly looked up and looked into his eyes as he ordered, "Drink bitch!" I felt the salty warmth of his urine splash against my face as he narrowed his aim targeting my open mouth. As the stream flowed I began the natural act of swallowing. I initially thought I was going to gag but it wasn't so bad. His piss was fairly neutral and on my second swallow he grinned with pleasure as his bladder was slowly emptied into my throat. I had tasted my own piss in the past, and had been pissed on in the shower by an alpha male, but never had I been forced to drink.

As the stream ebbed he pulled his hardening cock away from my mouth commanding that my mouth remain open as he inspected the hole. Satisfied he raised up and walked behind me inspecting my cunt. With a brisk slap on my left ass cheek he informed me that I would do for his pleasure. With a sharp tap on the stall door, both men who were in the locker room entered the small stall completely naked and with rock hard cocks dangling near my face.

My mouth remained opened with complete willingness to accept the cock from any of the men before me. The first to approach my lips was a nice piece of uncut meat and with no words and a very powerful thrust he shoved his manhood into my throat. My hand instantly arose to the other man who was not as quick to rub his beautiful cock as I felt the fingers of my top begin to penetrate my cunt. They were wasting no time. I was in heaven.

As my head was being turned to suck on the second man's cock in my face, I heard the top spit into his hand and rub it on his cock and then I felt the penetration of that cock in my man pussy. "Take it you fucking slut" belted the man jacking off next to me. He was watching intently as my top began to pound my hole and use it for his pleasure. "Ben, we need to double fuck this slut, I bet his fuck hole will take it." Within seconds, the second man began to slide underneath my kneeling legs and the two of them worked my cunt open as they pushed both of their cocks inside. I was starting to feel pain as they slid their cocks into and out of my hole. There didn't seem to be enough lube and as I pulled my mouth off of the cock I was sucking to comment, the guy grabbed the back of my head, shoved his cock back inside and said, "Listen whore, you need to..." as he thrust his cock deep into my throat and across my gag reflex "pay attention" as he thrust again "to my cock", he began thrusting wildly as I knew what was happening, he was about to cum and just as the thought crossed my mind, I felt the first volley of a bitter sweat and salty load hit my tongue and throat. With a few more thrusts he released the rest of his orgasmic delight into my mouth and held his cock there as I felt it begin to lose the hardness.

As he retracted his limp cock from my mouth, the top that had invited me removed his manhood from my cunt and walked around and with a big grin on his face said, "I want you to lick your ass juices off of my cock boy." I opened my mouth and accepted his cock and began to tongue lick and suck on it cleaning it as the other man below me began pumping harder and faster into my hole. It was moments away I knew. The top who was in my mouth was obviously ready to unload at the thought of a slut doing his every bidding. They both began to moan and I knew I was going to experience, for only the second time in my slut life, two men cuming inside me at the same time. Moments passed, it seemed that a rhythm was lost and it wasn't going to happen when the top grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock deep into my throat and the man fucking my hole pushed deep inside me and held it as both men unloaded their seed inside me.

I love taking dick. My heart pounds and races as men fill my available holes with their hard pulsing cocks and as I feel their thrusts the reality that I am "the slut" for that moment in time is all consuming to me. Today these three men used me and filled me with their sperm both anally and orally. They were satisfied. In their satisfaction I was satisfied. The shower came on while I remained on my knees and each man showered and as they did instructed me to clean their cocks yet again with my tongue. I was rock hard, no one cared. They each exited the shower one by one, as I was left on my knees.

When I got up I washed off the sweat and exited the shower. The three men were dressed and gone. There were other men in the locker room and my towel barely hid my raging wood. I thought about going back in and jacking off, but instead I put on my shirt, dropped the towel and put my short shorts back on. As I turned, I looked into the eyes of each man staring and grinned. I thought maybe one of these other men would like a turn at the slut, but none made any indication. I picked up my towel, placed it in my bag and exited the lockers with a new swagger of being freshly used. It was a long drive home but I realized that had I not taken the chance to go the distance, I would have missed out on one of my most interesting times as a bottom.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Want Some Candy Little Slut?

I live in a 99.9% straight neighborhood on the Northeast side of metro Atlanta. Most Atlanta residents would call it "country" but I am only 35 minutes from the gayborhood and the action of the big city. That being said, I am constantly setting people in my area on their ear. I wear colorful clothing, but in the summertime, I wear slutty short shorts. I walk the neighborhood, go to the grocery store, even go out to dinner in them. I love the attention it gets both from the double takes, snickers, looks of disgust, and best of all, the occasional "work it girl" or smiling glance.
Given my choice especially on the hot summer days in Atlanta, Georgia, and with hot legs and a well formed crotch, a pair of short shorts just beg for people to desire to get underneath them to the meat of the matter. Long baggy cargo pants are pants, not shorts.

To me, clothes are something to cover you. We have to wear them to some degree or another because it is the law and people have some sort of issue with seeing other people naked in a non-sexual context. Given my choice, we'd all walk around butt-assed naked except to wear clothing to stay warm when the temperature demands it. So, if I have to wear them, I want to wear what I want to wear, not what somebody else says is fashionable. I have fantastic legs and a butt to go with it, so my short shorts (aka my "come fuck me" shorts) highlight my assets.

A few days ago I was walking in the neighborhood and as I walked toward this house about a 10th of a mile up the road I noticed a average aged, well groomed, gentleman getting home from work and staring at me as he walked toward his home. This wasn't one of those stares of disgust or snickering, this guy kept looking and nearly walked into the corner of his home trying to manage his way up the sidewalk into his side door. I didn't think much of it but I walked past the house and nothing seemed conspicuous so I wrote it off to exuberant curiosity. As I reached the end of the street and began my left turn down the block, I looked back to see the same man standing on his front porch, continuing his stare. Seeming like it was planned, instead of making the left turn I completed a 180-degree turn and started back down the same road as inconspicuously as I could. As I approached the house, the man had stepped just inside his main foyer and had pulled his cock out of his pants and was slowly stroking as he stared.

I stopped in my tracks. I proceeded to walk to the man's front door and he closed the door behind me. With a slight grin on his face he asks in a deep and demanding voice, "Want some candy little slut?" As I approached him, his big hands reached out to my sholders and pushed me to my knees and guiding my open lips to his waiting manhood. As my mouth encompass his cock and begin to service it as he tells me how he has watched me pass by from time to time in my slutty shorts, teasing him. How my ass seduced him to stand there and hang his cock out and how he had been wanting to fuck my face for some time.

Within minutes I could tell he was ready to unload his batter into my waiting throat. He arched his back, and his balls slid up inside his groin and I knew what was next - within seconds his cock was unloading his man milk as he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me deeper onto his throbbing cock. I sucked and sucked desiring every last drop of his cum as he slowly released my head and pulled his member from my throat and mouth. As he zipped his cock back into place inside his trousers he helped me to my feet and escorted me back outside his home. He thanked me and closed the door.

I continued my walk and mused at what had just happened. How a nice short pair of shorts landed a cock in my mouth from yet another man without having to work for it.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Regular Cock Slut

Over the past year or so I have been routinely posting on various classified advertisement sites that allow casual hookups to be listed. One of my goals is to have my mouth and ass used by at least 1,000 men. I believe that exceeding the 1,000 barrier accomplishes the goal of being a complete slut while at the same time fulfilling my role as a true bottom by being objectified by as many breeding tops as one can possibly find.  I was also hoping, in the process, to find some real alpha tops that would find a regular cock slut like myself a valuable tool they can call on to meet their lustful needs whenever they needed it.

I am pleased to say that there are a number of men within my area that have my number and/or email address.  They generally know my schedule and when unsure they send me a simple text "Available?"  I know these men too. They are my regulars, they come back because of how I delight in the service. They enjoy using me for their pleasure. They always show up hard and ready.  They are as happy to have a cum slut to use and this cum slut is to be used.  They have to be happy and satisfied in their daily lives as they have no barriers to sex and are not pent up in frustration. I am very happy to have these men.

Cock worship is the love of cock. The love of the feel of it crossing one's lips or sphincter, thrusting manhood against the back of one's throat or deep into one's ass. All this to collect the spunk of a man as he shows you his complete satisfaction by unloading into your oral or anal cavity. The male sperm has been the object of much to do over the centuries. It is a precious juice to a cum slut and his complete reward when all is said and done.

Regular #1: Always Horny Stud

Being 25 years old and without a boyfriend or lover can suck. I do believe, however, that using me to pound out your life's frustrations does make it bearable. My black friend is always horny and always ready to use my hole for his pleasure. Our conversation is brief and strained at best. You can tell he just wants to get down to business and bust out his nut and be on his way. I don't mind, as I am a slut and all I care about is having his cock shoot that young stud jism into my well bred hole. He's 25, he lasts about 5, maybe 6 minutes and as soon as he's done he's sliding his pants back on and bolting out the door. I love the way he makes me feel used like a tool, and I may even regret the day he does find his boyfriend.

Regular #2: Married With Children

I am particularly fond of this black man and his cock. He has, over time, become much more conversant and I think it is because I've opened up to discussing things with him. We don't get together near enough because of schedules and life, but when he fucks me - he fucks me. His sex drive is out of this world and I'm guessing that is a good thing for both he, his wife, and me. We have done inside, outside, bath house, and God only knows what our next venue for sex will be. He makes it quite interesting as he and I both have this adventuresome attitude that we should try to do it in as many places as possible. I always look forward to servicing him and I think he understands how a slut gets his enjoyment from being used. I also think he really likes the fact that it is all about him. Even though there have been comments made about not being able to "use" my cock because it is caged, overall, I think he is satisfied. I love carrying his seed around for most of the day after he unloads in me. He never asks if I enjoyed it, or if it felt good, in a way, I hope he doesn't care. After all, it is about him and taking care of his needs.

I do have other regulars and more being added each week. Rather than giving a synopsis of each in this article, I figure the best thing would be to identify them by the exploits with them. As a general rule I favor black men, not because of cock size but because of the way they like to have sex. They tend to understand the role of a slut and that it is about them. Now, that is not to say that I turn down other ethnic groups, I do not. I am an equal opportunity slut. I love men, and I love cock.

I am always looking for new "regulars". My holes always want hard men to use them for their pleasure. I am a total and complete slut and extremely proud of it. If you find yourself in the northeastern area of the Atlanta metro area, feel free to hit me up for a hot session. I'll gladly open my mouth or bend over in service to another man's needs.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wood All Around (Part II)

Being fucked by real men in nature is hot, but realizing what had just transpired sent a wave of fear through my body. None of my possessions; clothes, car keys, wallet, or cell phone were anywhere to be found. Everything was in that backpack and I was completely naked in a public park about 13 miles from my home.  I was trapped.  A captive in the wood, I decided the logical thing was to head toward my car, hoping that I would not be spotted and that my captives would have simply put my backpack on the trail ahead just for a slight fright. Looking around the path heading back to the open jogging path I was looking for anything that would help.  Conspicuously placed, was a note tacked to a tree with a big smiley face written on it.  I pulled it down and read the writing of those who had most recently turned my life upside down.

"Hello slut.", it started, "we really enjoyed using you and we want to do it again after dinner. So, to make sure we had your attention we decided that the best thing to do was to keep you in a place where we would be able to find you later this evening. The park closes at 10 and we will arrive about 15 minutes before that and expect to find your pussy hole up in the air in the first stall of the ladies room at the building on the East side of the lake inside the area containing the baseball fields. If you are not there at 10, ass up and ready, we will not return until tomorrow night.

Here it was only 6:45p and I was butt naked in a public park in the heart of a busy little town. I had to trudge my way out of the woods, past the pool, tennis courts and across a road to get to the baseball fields that were barely surrounded by any woods at all. I then would have to make my way from the safety of the wood to a building surrounded by four open baseball fields and pray that once I reached the building in the center there would be no one there and they would still be unlocked. It sounded like a total impossibility. I surely was going to be jailed for running around a public park naked.

Time passed ever so slowly. With nothing to occupy my time, I was relegated to sitting, watching, and waiting for the sun to descend on the horizon. The darker it would become, the more likely I would make it through this. At times my cock strained against its prison with joy over my current situation. Much of the time I spent wishing I was able to play with it, at least then I could pass time doing something. What a slut, this went beyond the pale and I realized that I was a complete sex addict. The thought crossed my mind a number of times that I was hoping that my captures had not left the park, but were watching my actions and filming my plight, but as the hours droned on, I realized that they would have become just as bored as I had that been the case.

At about 9:15p I began my slow migration toward my destination. I was not worried about being on time, I was mostly worried that they would forget about me and think it was funny just to not return. I approached the edge of the wooded path to where people jogging and walking would normally have passed, it was quiet. I walked a little further and began to see the outline of the pool area and noticed there were a couple of people inside the fenced area picking up after the day. Since I would have to cross just outside of the fence area, or walk a great deal to get out of their view, I decided to wait and see if they would be done soon. It was soon 9:30p and they were still cleaning up. For a brief moment I thought I could run through the area and not be noticed - foolish I thought, they will go home soon. At 9:50p they disappeared into the pool house - it was time to make a break for it. Typical of the streakers of the 1970s I took off across the parking lot and darted behind the tennis club house out of breath. I made my way beyond the empty tennis courts and approached the baseball fields. Not a soul was in site. I went up to the building and entered the ladies rest room. Replacing my only possession - my cock sucker's hood, I bent over inside the first stall, door open, ass ready and contemplated my fate.

At 10:00p sharp, I hear someone enter the bathroom and I feel the tap of a hand on my raised buttocks. "Outside slut", he said. As complete darkness had fallen hours earlier, my cock sucker's hood would not let me see anything. As I stepped out of the stall - the man guided me out of the building and to a wooden bench where sat me down straddling the bench and raised my legs into the air. With the sound of him spitting I felt the warm shaft of his manhood enter my hole. As he went deeper the residual of the earlier fuck session helped to lubricate his cock and he began to fuck me with abandon. About five minutes went by and I heard him begin to moan as he released his seed inside me. He took his still hard cock out of my hole and inserted it into my waiting mouth with the simple command, "Clean your ass off of my cock slut", and I did.

I was expecting more, but I could tell he was done. I felt the ring of my car keys as they landed on my belly and the man walked away. I reached down and clutched the keys with dear life and began removing my hood. Looking into the parking lot, I saw the man get into the passenger's side of a four door sedan as the headlights illuminated where I was sitting. As they pulled away, I began the walk to my car as I felt his seed lubricating my cheeks as I walked.

I arrived at my car and found that the man had put my backpack with cellphone, wallet, and clothes in the front passenger's seat. I did not bother getting dressed. Exhausted from waiting all night I drove home.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wood All Around (Part I)

Earlier this week I received a call from one of my regulars and he asked if I would meet him in a particular park in Lawrenceville, Georgia.  I was intrigued because I often get tops that claim they would like to do it in a public or park venue but rarely do they ever follow through on their fantasy.  I immediately jumped at the opportunity, mainly because I was going to be used; reason enough, but also because he was wanting to be a little edgy.  This regular was a real man's man.  He was into leather, bondage, and enjoyed seeing his toys in a bit of pain.

We haven't yet talked about pain and a true bottom, but we have covered the 11 commandments of a true bottom and the understanding that a top is in charge.  It then becomes a given that the true bottom will submit to the desires of the top even if those desires include discomfort, pain, or torture.  A true bottom submits when it gives his body over to the top.  It is therefore very important for the true bottom to understand to whom he is giving control.  The only time "no" is in the true bottom's vocabulary is before it agrees to be used by the top.  It is it's responsibility to know what it is getting into.  A true bottom always runs the risk of being abused and it gives itself over to that possibility each and every time it agrees to be used.  With pain comes pleasure. Most people do not realize it, but the endorphins released in pain attenuate pleasure and make it more intense and pleasurable.

I agreed to meet the top in a particular area of this public park and after agreeing so he requested that I be completely nude, clothes in a plastic bag, and wearing my leather chest harness, wrist and ankle restraints, and spandex cocksucker's hood.  My steel covered cock went immediately erect. It was the middle of the week, how bad can it be I asked myself.  "What time should I be there?" I asked. "I will arrive and expect you to be ready at 5:30pm.", he said.  Shit! 5:30pm is when everyone is getting off work and the park is full of people walking and running.  I know the area he wanted me to meet him was rather secluded but there was no guarantee whatsoever that a visitor wasn't going to stumble into me there and with my hood on, I wouldn't be able to see anything except shadows of movement in the daylight.  But I had already agreed, and as I hung up the phone I noticed that my cock was still rigid and straining against its prison of stainless steel. I knew this was going to be interesting, but I had no idea how this was going to unfold and whether or not I was going to have to call my Master to get me out of jail later that evening.

At 4:45pm I threw on a pair of short shorts and a t-shirt, grabbed my backpack containing my leather apparel and hood, and it was off to the park.  During the fifteen minute drive to the park I was unsure of what to expect.  Hopefully today was not a good day for people to be there and I could lower my apprehensions.  I arrive shortly after 5:00pm and the parking lot nearest the activities building is completely full. There must have been 75 vehicles there.  I proceeded to the lower lots that faced the baseball and soccer fields and they were better but not empty.  A number of people were playing what looked to be a pickup game of softball. As I exited the vehicle with my backpack, short shorts and t-shirt, a few glancing stares as I began to stroll down the running/walking path into the woods next to the lake.  I passed several people as the path looped around the west end of the lake and with each passing pedestrian I felt like all eyes were on me.  I looked like a sissy faggot.  Here I was on this paved trail with a backpack and in 3-1/2" shorts.  Really? I thought, could I have not made a better choice of clothes that would have not drawn everyone's attention to me.  For a bit I was feeling very self conscious even though I know I look hot in those shorts.

I head off the paved trail onto a thin winding and much less traveled trail into the woods just beyond the lake and by 5:20pm I am arriving at the area I was told to be.  A root exposed fallen oak, about 4 meters in diameter  lay across the trail - a victim of storms and the place I was precisely to lay my bag of clothes once I was ready.  The temperature was moderate and as I stripped off my clothes I felt the sun warm my skin and bathe me in its light.  Packing my clothes into my backpack I dawned the leather harness, wrist and ankle restraints, and pulled the tight cocksucker's hood over my head.  On my knees by 5:28pm I began to prepare myself mentally to meet the needs of the man I was to be servicing.  Two minutes passed and nothing.  A few more and still nobody has arrived.

So the question arises for the true bottom as to when it is to give up on a top and go on.  If people today were keepers of their word, even when running late, I would say that a bottom should wait indefinitely for the top.  I have spent hours waiting on people that never showed up.  It was disrespectful of them to do what they did, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt.  In many cases, I will refuse to service a top at any point in the future if their routine is to no show.  In this case, this was one of my regulars.  He was not known for being tardy and out of respect for him and his needs, I decided it would be best to wait.

I do not know how much time passed.  It felt like an hour but I'm sure it was more like thirty or so minutes when I heard what sounded like two people coming down the path.  My heart was racing.  They were talking to each other and I just knew this was not my regular and that I was about to be exposed.  As they approached the fallen oak, I know at this point that they can see me, and the talking stops.  I can make out only outlines without any details as two bodies approach in silence.  I decide it is best not to speak but rather to wait and see what these two had in mind.

As the first approaches me directly, I hear a belt buckle being undone and a zippered fly open.  Instinctively my mouth opens and I feel the soft member of this man as he inserts his semi hard cock into my mouth. Grabbing the back of my head, he forces his manhood into my throat with each stroke making his cock harder, thicker, and longer.  This was not my regular I thought.  While this cock was long and somewhat thick, my regular's cock was very thick and shorter.  I didn't know where the other person was, but I was enjoying being used to service this now completely hard cock that was being forced beyond my gag reflex into the far reaches of my throat.

Sucking and loving the experience I now felt the masculine hand of another on my back.  He reached behind me and bound my hands and ankles together immobilizing me in this kneeling position. Within moments I felt something else on my back along with the hand.  I couldn't say at the time what it was.  It was brushed against me and down my back until it reached my buttocks and was removed.  No words spoken, not a sound made, and with the next brush of whatever this was, the other man pulled it away and swung it in full motion against my upper buttocks with a crack as it hit my skin and warmed several places where it landed.  My regular was here. He had always told me that one day he wanted to flog me and now, in this most public of places, he began the ever so familiar rhythm of flogging.  I began sucking this new cock with vigor. When each crack of the flogger would land my caged cock would drip as I felt it leave my body.

The gentle hand that was once touching my back was now rubbing my throbbing hole with petroleum jelly which indicated that something was going to be introduced into my ass.  I began to grind against the hand while continuing to pay close attention to the cock in my throat.  Another brush, brush, brush, crack!  My backside was warmed and I knew it was red from the effects of the flogging.  The warmth melded with the slickness of the petroleum jelly between my buttocks as I moaned.  The clasp connecting my hands to my ankles was released but my ankles were still connected as were my wrists.  The flogging stopped as I felt something pushing on my sphincter trying to gain access to my ass and with little effort the lubrication allowed it inside me.  I felt as this nice fat cock entered my hole and as it swung across my prostate I felt a glob of seminal fluid leave the head of my cock.

For the next few minutes both men were using me and pumping their cocks in an obscure rhythm into my body.  A moment later, they stopped and removed their cocks from inside me.  With some shuffling around I felt the thick cock enter my lips and that mild taste of petroleum jelly indicated they had switched positions and the longer cock was now probing deep inside me.  I began to thrust against the cock in my ass begging him to fuck me even deeper as I continued to suck the cock in my mouth.  Within moments the cock in my mouth began to swell.  I knew what was happening. It was the indication that we were near orgasm. We felt as is tool of man began to pulse, with each volley dumping a salty load of seamen into my throat.  Grasping the back of my head, he pushed even further into my throat as the final volleys of his juice was released.

His cock remained in my mouth as the thrust into my ass continued with a new abandon. He allowed me the pleasure of sucking his manhood clean and draining every drop of juice.  With a pat on the head I released his cock and he grabbed my head and pulled my mouth down onto his sweat covered testicles.  I licked and sucked them cleaning it as a dog would clean his own.  With both of his low hanging balls in my mouth I felt as the man behind me released his initial volleys into my ass.  Hungry for his sperm, my sphincter released allowing him to plunge deeper into the recesses of my body.  When he finished unloading his jism he held his cock buried deep in my hole for the period it took for it to grow limp.  In a natural motion my ass ejected his cock holding back his seamen inside to be part of me in the afterglow of service.  Unhooking the clasps that bound my wrists and ankles they began to dress.

With the same silence and determination as they arrived, they were gone.  Like a used cum rag I was left behind to decompress from the experience.  Never a word was spoken during the entire event and since my hood was never removed, I can only assume my "regular" was one of the two that used me that day.  As I removed my hood and went to reach for my backpack, it was gone!  My clothes, my keys, and my wallet were all in that backpack!  It was nearing 6:45pm as I wondered what I would need to do to get home.