Thursday, April 30, 2015

Whoring Around

Before Whore

This is my first post since moving from Atlanta, Georgia to Orlando, Florida. I have had a lot of men since the move, this I admit, but nothing really exciting to write about. Don't get me wrong, they are all exciting because I'm receiving cock, but not as exciting enough to post stories. However, I have found something exciting to try and the first part of this article I am writing before I do it, and the second half will be after. There is a bar in Orlando called Hanks. Hanks is a gay bar where the cigar smoking leather wearing, much older men hang out. Your every day alpha males, not those that pretend at it in the bedroom.

I have decided that I am going to dress as slutty (remember the cum fuck me short shorts) as I possibly can and I'm going to hang out in the parking lot of Hanks bar which is dark and secluded, and I'm going to whore myself out - car blow jobs, raw fucking against the cars or in the nearby wood, whatever it takes to get cock and maybe even get paid for it. I have always thought that a good slut would make a great whore. Sluts want to have sex whether or not money is involved. Whores that are not sluts only look for the money and they only care if the John got off if it means that they can get another "date" later out of the deal. A slut whore like me for the most part is doing it because I want to please the John and it is just icing on the cake if the John is willing to part with some cash. It also makes me feel really slutty having accepted money for the sexual act.

I will not refuse any man that wants to use me. I will not refuse how they want to use me. I will not fear exposure, instead I will welcome it - being completely naked while a man or men fill me with their piss and cum and other men watching or catching us in the act is very exciting to me. I like for other men to see how well I can perform and usually when they see how well I respond to being used they want to get involved. This usually turns in to a nice little gang bang for the slut.

After Whore

I arrived in the back parking lot of Hank's bar around 11:30pm last Saturday night and the lot was nearly filled to capacity with cars. All types of men were going to and from the bar and some were socially gathering in the front of the lot. A couple of very hot black studs were in conversation standing around one of their cars. I didn't know if they were coming or going from the bar. I found what was the last spot almost all the way in the back of the lot and thought this very fortuitous for what I was hoping I was about to be doing. Like a good little slut I had cleaned my fuck hole and dressed in a manner appropriate for whoring my ass out.

As men would come and leave the bar's dark lot I was there rubbing on my package and licking my lips if they dared look at my face. I was amazed, nearly an hour went by without a single bite! WTF? As I was about to give up at now 12:45am an older white man stopped short of my car and rubbed on his crotch as to signal he wanted something. I licked on my lips and stared at the bulge in his pants as he began approached.

He stopped in front of me and without looking up I indicated that a blowjob would be $20 and a fuck would cost $40. With that he unbuttoned his Levis 501 jeans and began pushing on my shoulders indicating that I should drop right there and blow him. I did as instructed and before my knees touched the ground my mouth was penetrated by his cock barely out of the jeans at this point. With only a few strokes the John grabbed the hair on my head and began to face fuck me as his cock engorged with blood and became much harder and much thicker. He was barking instructions on how I should be sucking more and I shook my head in an affirmative motion as I sucked hard on each downstroke. He reached down behind me and patted my ass. Thinking he wanted to fuck I began to extricate his member from my mouth and he stopped me and shoved his cock back into the depths of my throat. "No boy", he said, "I just wanted to feel your cunt, you're going to finish what you started here".

I couldn't see if anyone had gathered and it would have been rude to my John to be concerned with that, yet. I continued to suck as I rubbed his balls in my hands. They were of decent size and I was wondering what the contents of them would taste like. It wouldn't be much longer that I would find out as I felt them begin to retract like landing gear on an aircraft. I didn't even get to taste the first rope of his cum as he shoved his cock as far back into my throat as he could go before it released. His second volley crossed over my tongue as he was on the retract swing of his stroke. He then did the unexpected and for a cum slut the ultimate shitty thing. He removed his cock altogether from my mouth and shot the remaining jism on my cheeks and nose as I looked wantonly up into his stare. "There whore, now you're ready for the night". He retracted his now semi limp cock into his jeans and buttoned them up and began walking away. He never paid the price I asked for the blowjob, and cum dripping from my chin, cheek, and nose, it felt inappropriate to stand up and chase him down. As I looked around I saw a few other men who were looking my way but to my surprise and chagrin none of them approached. Watching the man I blew get in his car and drive past me as he barely looked my direction in passing, still kneeling where I had been left. I reached up and began to wipe his cum from my face and place it on my tongue, tasting each droplet before going for the next. I rose to my feet and repositioned myself looking around to see if any of those recently staring would dare to come over to be serviced.

I waited what seemed to be another hour and nothing happened. Some men sat is their cars and stared. I'd walk by and they would turn their stare away. Pussies, all of them, I thought. I knew they wanted a slut to use but for whatever reason they didn't provide any indication. I ended the night with the thought and taste of Mr. Levis on my tongue. It was a semi-successful evening. I got some cock, swallowed some cum, could have been worse. Maybe next time we will do better.

If you are in the Orlando area and need a slut whore to pleasure you, feel free to reach out to me via email. As you will notice from this blog I do enjoy men and their cocks. justin.richards at

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