Thursday, May 15, 2014

Creating a Devil's Dick

Nothing is more intriguing to a cum slut than using massive amounts of male seed from a host of providers in frozen form shaped like a dildo and shoved up the slut's ass before another man or host of men fuck him.  The urban definition of a frozen tube of sperm is a "devil's dick".

Condoms are a great tool for the collection and distribution of sperm to cum sluts - usually referred to as condom swapping.  A real slut knows that a condom should never be used when he is servicing another male's needs.

I know that some sluts go to adult peep show places to collect the used condoms discarded and consume or insert their contents believing that seed should never be discarded or wasted.

What people don't realize is that the sperm of a man is a sacred juice. It is the essence of the breath of life.  For women it is required for the fertilization of the egg. For cum sluts it provides an aura about us when our holes are filled with it.  Male sperm should never be discarded as waste on the ground - it deserves a cock worshiping cum slut to take it into himself if for no other reason than the respect of the seed and the male that it came from.  I am an avid believer that cum belongs inside me when I receive it from a host.  If you are privileged to be offered the use of this slut - you should deliver your load as a prize and it will be accepted as the precious juice that drives us.

One of the challenges on Cum Temple is to form a devils dick and take pictures or film yourself taking that into your ass.  Most people who do the devil's dick challenge capture their own sperm and store it.  In my challenge, I have asked a number of people to masturbate for me and store their seed in a condom and freeze it.  Part of the fun will be to take those used condoms, thaw them, empty their contents into a tube, and lick the condom clean of any residual sperm. The main load of sperm collected from each condom will be used to form the ultimate devil's dick or dicks.  I am looking to collect between 100 and 125 condoms (i.e., loads) from a host of men who are willing to contribute to my cause.  If the volume of sperm dictates the creation of more than one devil's dick, the better.

Once the devil's dick(s) are crafted, I have requested several of my thug tops to come over for a "use the slut" party which will be filmed and placed on this blog and other popular sties for people's viewing pleasure. The crux of the use of a devil's dick is to have the cum slut take the frozen sperm in his ass then after it has melted the tops use the slut for their pleasure adding their own seed to the already massive load in the slut's ass.

I have two gentlemen who have stepped up for the challenge of providing me with the much needed man juice to accomplish this feat, but I would like more, many more.  I would much rather have 100 men providing one or two loads a peace than two men providing 50 to 70 loads each.  If you are a alpha type male and would like to see the seed of your loin be used in this ultimate cum fuck film we are going to create, you can send me an email at or leave a comment here with a way to reach out to you.  I look forward to hearing from all of my new readers.

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